Brebeng consulting Inc.


Brebeng Consulting inc, was created to assist companies to better integrate to a globalize business world, using techniques such as Business Engineering and business restructuring, our goal is to become a solution for small to medium size company to the increasing cost that the traditional practice of hiring a full time employee involve. We are committed to focusing our work on increasing profit for our customers.


Build and grow better companies through proper business foundations, solid and effective procedures, fluid flow of information and continuous improvement, helping them to transition into a globalized business World.

Core Values

Brebeng Consulting Inc. core values are professional integrity, independence, commitment, transparency and honesty, we won't tell you what you want to hear but the real assessment of your company, respect for others, quality, method, teamwork and innovation.


P USA: +1 904.657.4721
P USA: +1 904.657.4724
C PERÚ: +51 932.738.592


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Brebeng consulting Inc.

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